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VTEX bridges advertisers and promoters with millions of influencers to collaborate to build brand and customer loyalty.
About VTEX
Make Your Promotion Go Viral Faster
We understand that promotions can be effectively carried out through social networking sites. To assist promoters/advertisers in reaching millions of audiences rapidly, we have integrated social media platforms using our decentralized protocol.
This protocol enables us to launch promotions/ads within seconds and connect them with influencers from various countries to broadcast the promotions. These influencers are compensated directly without consideration of their follower count. Anyone can become an influencer on our platform, and it's completely free. Furthermore, in the next phase, we will release the latest protocol for direct influencer recruitment through the Influencer Marketplace.
We have developed numerous smart contracts to provide more solutions for small, medium, and established enterprises. Since they invariably have competitors, our automatic ad launcher is designed to make your promotions go viral instantly.
Realizing global accessibility in the advertising industry that benefits all parties
Enabling global accessibility in the advertising industry that benefits all parties."
  • Open global access in the advertising industry
  • Introduce a new business model through dApp
  • Optimize fair revenue and distribution
  • Provide decentralized financial services
  • Back the VTEX token with a real advertising business
  • Offer opportunities for everyone to earn sustainable income from the advertising industry
Adv. Launcher
Configure all the elements, and let influencers do their task.
In generating millions of audiences for you, VTEX is a decentralized protocol that automatically funds millions of influencers and optimizes their efforts to achieve one of the three marketing objectives: brand awareness, engagement, and lead acquisition. The VTEX protocol offers:
  • Ease in setting campaign targets and more efficient budget allocation.
  • Establishing your "brand" as an industry name with constant and active marketing.
  • Extensive campaign reach and engagement worldwide.
  • Accelerated viral growth of your brand, ads, and promotions.
  • Complete control over promotion costs and targeting to align with your specific needs.
How to set campaign goals and allocate budget effectively
Connect your brand with millions of influencers on YouTube, IG, FB, TikTok, and Twitter. They offer tremendous potential to help your ads go viral faster.
Take the task and complete it according to the advertiser's request
Influencers will receive VTEX tokens as rewards every time they complete their tasks: Sharing advertisements on their social media accounts. So, what can influencers do after obtaining VTEX tokens?
  • Sell token to DEX
  • Staking for asset growth
  • Swap to another crypto
  • Launch promotion
  • Hold token or P2P
  • Submit a pull request once you are done
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VTEX Token
is assets in the advertising industry and real business
VTEX Token is a utility token on the Polygon network that allows you to launch promotions/ads, pay digital marketing experts, and enables influencers to receive automated payments through the configurable VTEX TOKENprotocol, facilitated by promoters/advertisers. The token goes beyond mere exchange trading, as it will also find application in future advertising and other physical business activities.
Token Specification
Token Name
VTEX Token
Maximum supply
Token Abbreviation:
Token Decimal
Token Network:
Wallet support:
Trust Wallet, Metamask
Emission Rate:
Token will not be added/re-minted
Token Allocation
Enabling global accessibility in the advertising industry that benefits all parties."
1 Matic : 1 VTEX
500,000 VTEX
Start :
Aug 23 2023
The most shining yield 90-180% APY
3 Month
daily reward
15 days
100 - 499 VTEX
0.25 % /day
3.75 % /15d
90 % APY
500 - 999 VTEX
0.3 % /day
4.5 % /15d
108 % APY
  • Staking cannot be canceled until the contract's duration is completed.
  • Staking is a token locking program to earn staking rewards every two weeks until the contract's completion, regardless of the token's price on the DEX.
  • Please read and review the technical documentation regarding the staking program.
VTEX Staking
Staking rewards are given every 15 days
Enter amount to be staked
126 %
Daily Reward
0.35 %
Staking Amount
1000 VTEX
Total Reward
630 VTEX
locked Period
6 month
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